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Hughes Tactical Satellite Communications (SATCOM) systems provide the backbone for warfighter communications networks, linking ground units with command and control centers and with defense information networks. Hughes tactical SATCOM solutions support the full range of defense communications needs—fixed, at-the-halt, and on-the-move. And built into these solutions is highly efficient and secure modem technology necessary to maintain net-centric communications for U.S. and Coalition troops—ensuring mission mobility and interoperability globally. Whatever the application, Hughes delivers lighter, faster, and more agile tactical SATCOM solutions for any need.



Your Research Lab in the Sky

Our Experience

Our experience has included a myriad of domestic and international operations, including but not limited to:

  • Multiple missions in Central America with the U.S. Southern Command and Honduran Air Force.
  • Test flights for a wide array of sensors being flown on unmanned aircraft.
  • Laser mapping the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes for the US Corps of Engineers.
  • Assessing post hurricane damage including hurricane Katrina and most recently the New York metropolitan area following hurricane Sandy.
  • Arial recovery of debris field following the Columbia Space Shuttle Accident






For over 20 years, PIXIA has been enabling large-format data sets for rapid delivery.  Our server-side technology ensures fast access for both enterprise users and disconnected individuals.  PIXIA’s core technology optimizes data storage and dissemination pipelines for both block-based and object-based file systems and works equally well for large-scale deployments and disconnected or disadvantaged sites.  Our high-performance, trusted data-access solutions help users to better leverage complex multi-source, multi-int data in any environment.  At the same time, we continue to work with industry standards bodies such as OGC to develop and enhance new methods for disseminating data.


PIXIA has built a legacy of continuous innovation, providing solutions to transform data of ever-increasing complexity and scale into accessible, actionable information.  Our software is purpose-built to be highly performant, scalable, and interoperable using standard web-services, which has led to it being widely deployed across the US DOD and Intelligence Community.  We have extensive experience serving the U.S. DoD and Intelligence Community and continue to play a critical role in security operations around the globe.  Our technology continues to be instrumental in supporting ISR, force protection, special missions, and machine analytics, helping reduce overhead costs and simplifying the process for collecting and exploiting a variety of data types.