TTC’s programs scope, complexity and strict mission has been to provide the world finest intimate yet comprehensive technical training programs within a complex and diverse world of ever changing technological needs, requirements and opportunities that afford themselves and stem from U.S. Government, Military and Industry new program initiatives.

Upcoming Symposiums

UAS WEST (DoD, Government, Industry) Symposium

San Diego, CA – February 13-14 2020
Attending “Unmanned Systems” will be a rewarding investment of your time. All attendees will obtain invaluable information on the emerging opportunities in the Military, Government, Commercial and Civil Markets found nowhere else.

Past Symposiums
Available Seminars

Open Architecture

Available to be brought to your facility – Call Today!
This seminar presents a comprehensive methodology for designing OA conforming systems consistent with the new requirements imposed by DoD 5000.2, DOD Enterprise Architecture, DON Enterprise Architecture Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Joint Capability Areas (JCAs)..

Information Assurance – Latest Requirements and Methods

Available to be brought to your facility – Call Today!
This seminar provides you with the latest tools and techniques for designing and implementing IA Architectures. You will receive the leading-edge techniques for developing and implementing Security Architectures and securing systems, networks and platforms.