Bring Technology Training Corporation TTC Programs On-Site Training to Your Location

With TTC’s on-site training program, you decide where and when courses are held and tailor the training to reflect your corporate culture, goals and schedule. On-site Training makes an immediate impact!

Bring our advanced training, to teams of 8 or more at your location – anywhere in the world – choose any TTC course past or present for presentation at your location.

Advantages of TTC On-Site Training

Discount Pricing: Receive the special Onsite Discount Pricing and eliminate travel expenses and travel time

Incredibly Targeted Training: Tailor courses specifically to your organization’s needs

Comprehensive Learning: Learn new processes, regulations, procedures and standards for an existing business area or move rapidly into a new type of business area altogether

Top-Level Instructors: Train with the Top Professionals. All of our course instructors are experts in their fields; most are currently working in the real world, working on a day to day basis with the course materials that they teach. Among our instructors, all have advanced degrees including 50 percent with doctorates. This is not just book learning but real world applicable training.

Quality Reference Materials: Students receive comprehensive texts and CDs that they can refer to again and again long after they have completed the course. The materials don’t just sit on the shelf!

Solve your Companies Issues: Build your staff expertise, problem solve, and feel free to discuss with your instructor issues and concerns that your organization needs answers to but your could never discuss in a public seminar setting.

To find out more about TTC’s on-site training offerings, contact us directly, request a brochure, or send email to

The following is a partial list of all the seminars that have recently been offered in the United States and Europe by TTC, as on-site events or as public seminars. if you know of a course that has been offered by us and is not in the listing below please feel free to email us and ask about it’s availability:

Configuration Management

  • Adv. Software Configuration Mgmt
  • Advanced Configuration Management
  • Basic Configuration Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Software Configuration Mgmt

Contracts & Proposals

  • Oral Proposals
  • Performance-Based RFPs
  • Source Selection
  • Technical Marketing & Proposal Preparation
  • Proposal Writing Workshop (hands-on)

Defense Technology

  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)
  • Infrared Countermeasures and Counter-Countermeasures
  • Future Military SATCOM Systems
  • Image Fusion
  • Future Ultrawideband Systems
  • Future Surface Warfare
  • Future Military Data Links
  • Electric Ships
  • DoD Enterprise Architectures
  • DoD Architecture Framework
  • Chemical & Biological Defense
  • Capabilities-Based Requirements & Architectural Frameworks
  • C4ISR Systems & Requirements
  • C4ISR Architectures
  • Airborne Electro Optical Sensor Systems
  • Information Assurance

Defense Technology

  • Multi- Sensor Fusion
  • Smart Antenna Systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Tactical Battlefield Communications
  • Space-Based Surveillance & Reconnaissance
  • Software Radios
  • Software Communications Architectures
  • Sea Power 21
  • Network-Centric Warfare
  • Multi-Intelligence Fusion
  • Multi and Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Military Sensor Networks
  • Link 16
  • Joint Tactical Radio System
  • Internet Protocol Ver. 6 (IPV6)
  • Intelligence Processing & Analysis
  • Open Architectures

Engineering Management

  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Performance Based Logistics
  • Systems Engineering
  • Total Life Cycle Systems Management
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFIDS)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lean Six Sigma

Program Management

  • Advanced Project Management
  • Critical Change Project Management
  • New Directions in Project Management
  • Performance Measurement for Project Management
  • Advanced Project Cost, Schedule, and Risk Analysis
  • Integrated Master Plan/ Integrated Master Schedule
  • Joint Capabilities Integration & Development System (JCIDS)