Since 1985 H. Silver & Associates has continued to be the top company in teaching you how to write and win proposals — We are the experts in proposal writing, proposal training and proposal consulting.

H. Silver & Associates has more wins and more experience than all other proposal consultants combined— let our professionals help you write and win your next proposal!

About H. Silver & Associates

“An 85% Win Record on over 2,200 proposals!”

H. Silver & Associates is the premier consulting company specializing in new-business acquisition and proposal preparation. We directly consult on major competitive procurements, to train proposal teams, and to improve their new business performance. HSA has been involved in over 2,200 competitions worldwide – posting a verifiable win rate for its clients of 85%.

Our client list is a Who’s Who of the top companies in the US, Canada, Columbia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Israel, and South Africa. We have also trained customers like NASA, DERA, oil companies and others on how to improve their procurements.

We have helped clients win competitive procurements to both government and commercial customers in all types of products and services from major weapon and space systems to environmental services, security services, telecommunications, test services, computer hardware and software, and audio/video equipment rental. No procurement is too large or too small, we provide the same quality service to all clients. We are a member of your team.

Consulting Services

HSA’s Experience is unmatched.

On all types of proposals – hardware and software, development and production, technical and operational services, systems and components, grants and research… also unmatched is HSA’s range of skills – from win strategy development to proposal architecture definition; from content preparation to Red Team reviewing. Our client base in 18 countries demonstrates the broad applicability of the knowledge. We are the leaders in our field – the top consultants, armed with the most effective skills and the deepest experience.

We have major wins with customers.

State and Municipal agencies, at prime contractors and at commercial companies. Most importantly, we have proven our abilities across the proposal spectrum, with many major wins in all business areas.

We can scale our methods to fit any proposal situation.

We do everything from advising your team to helping you manage your proposal to actually preparing your entire proposal. We bring new skills and tools, and show you how to use them within your own proposal system.

We also train while we consult.

HSA provides “On-The-Job” training that leaves you with new skills to help on your next proposal. Or, we can train your entire team before you start. Or provide company-wide training, we also provide public seminars.

H Silver and Associates has it all!

But we bring more to the table than skills, tools, and experience. We bring hands-on proposal savvy that adds the fire that proposal teams need to succeed. We assist our clients with the must-win proposals, no matter how big or small. If it’s an important win? It’s important to bring HSA on board.