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  • What’s New in DODAF 2.02?
  • Step-by-Step Examples for Constructing DODAF Architecture Products
  • Meeting the Latest JCIDS CJCSI 3170.01G and CJCSI 6212.01F Integrated Architecture Requirements
  • How to get the most ROI from your Architecture Products
  • Tips on Using DoDAF to Guide You Through the DIACAP Process
  • How to Transition from DoDAF 1.5 to DoDAF 2.02


This year, the DOD released version 2.02 of the DOD Architecture Framework (DODAF) to integrate net-centricity into DOD architecture efforts and meet the Joint Staff requirements to continue to expand the DODAF-compliant architecture requirements. In this resource constrained environment, DODAF architectures directly impact how the DOD will develop and field all future capabilities. Additionally, JCIDS mandates all ongoing and future acquisitions must include integrated architectures that comply with DODAF requirements.

This seminar provides an example-based methodology for designing operational, technical and systems architecture views and products that are consistent with the guidelines of the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF). You will receive step-by-step compliance guidelines for ensuring your technologies, systems and architectures meet the technical and architectural requirements imposed by the DoD. Learn practical techniques for creating and evaluating required architecture products. Learn how to save time following successful strategies while avoiding costly pitfalls when meeting DoD requirements.

If you produce architectures, systems, and technologies for the DoD and the Services, you must ensure that your products are compliant with DoDAF. All new acquisitions must include integrated architectures in the Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter. These integrated architectures must be DoDAF-compliant.

Among the Critical issues to be discuss:

  • Expert Tips on Getting Your DoDAF-compliant Architecture Approved
  • How Do You Leverage DoDAF Products to get through DIACAP?
  • Overcoming Hurdles in DoDAF Product Preparation
  • Executable Architectures to Support Requirements Engineering
  • Which DoDAF Products Specifically Support a JCIDS Acquisition?


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