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  • Latest Requirements and Techniques for Implementing OA
  • How to Achieve Compliance with DoD’s OA Interoperability Requirements
  • Compressing Development and Upgrade Cycles and Reduce Life Cycle Costs
  • Assessing the Impact of OA on Current DoD/Service Business & Acquisition Models
  • How Will OA Affect GIG and FORCEnet Development?
  • Proven Methods for Implementing the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA)

Department of Defense (DoD) has mandated that Open Architecture (OA) is required for all future system development.  Unfortunately, most “in service” or legacy command and control and computer based weapons systems do not have the capability to meet the demanding OA requirements imposed by DoD. However, there are ways to harness OA-based solutions that reduce this problem with rapidly upgradeable OA system components that also enhance affordability in production and modernization. Additionally, OA creates the ability to re-use components across programs or domains and enable affordable hardware and software acquisition, while reducing life cycle maintenance. For DoD, OA provides the technology basis necessary for improved warfighting capability. OA promotes Global Information Grid (GIG) interoperability and promises to make the Navy’s FORCEnet implementation a reality.

This seminar presents a comprehensive methodology for designing OA conforming systems consistent with the new requirements imposed by DoD 5000.2, DOD Enterprise Architecture, DON Enterprise Architecture Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Joint Capability Areas (JCAs), the Business Transformation Agency (BTA) Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA), the functional areas defined by the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration) (ASD[NII]), and those functional areas to be defined by the Intelligence community. Attendees will receive the latest concepts and techniques for compressing development and upgrade cycles and reducing life cycle costs. Attendees will receive a complete guide and learn how it enables common standards and guidance. Additionally, you will receive a detailed analysis of the DoD MOSA Program Assessment and Review Tool (PART) to assess the implementation of OA across major defense platforms.

  • Expert Insights on Meeting DoD’s OA Requirements
  • How Does OA Leverage Common Architectures to Create an Interoperable System of Systems?
  • Tips on Achieving Compliance within Net-Centric Categories (Portability, Software Re-Use)
  • Proven OA Techniques for Affordably Managing COTS Obsolescence


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