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R. White, SPAWAR — Charleston

  • Latest Information on the Status of IA across the DoD and Services
  • Understanding the Latest Threats to Military Networks and How to Defend agains’t Them
  • Learn How Systems can Continue to Operate in the Face of IW Attacks
  • How to Conduct an Expert Software Vulnerability Assessment
  • How is Information Assurance Impacting All Future Acquisitions & Acquisition Strategies


Covertly and overtly, government and private networks are under attack every hour of every day. This continuous assault on the nation’s information networks illustrates the need for effective Information Assurance (IA). An attacker needs only one vulnerability to successfully penetrate a system; a defender requires a 100% comprehensive solution. The DoD has made Information Assurance a major element of the JCIDS process and replaced the venerable DITSCAP with the Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP). Are you developing secure products in compliance with DoD’s latest IA requirements? The best Information Assurance requires a systematic, technical, holistic, architectural approach, and this seminar will demonstrate how such an approach to IA can ensure success.

This seminar provides you with the latest tools and techniques for designing and implementing IA Architectures. You will receive the leading-edge techniques for developing and implementing Security Architectures and securing systems, networks and platforms. Additionally, you will receive the latest information on DoD?s IA policy and an update on the Defense-wide
Information Assurance Program (DIAP), as well as the latest technology trends in IA.

Among the critical issues discussed will be:

  • Expert Tools and Techniques for Designing a Secure Network
  • Implementing the Best Authentication Methods and Control Sets
  • Latest Architectural Techniques for Finding and Eliminating System & Software Vulnerabilities
  • Expert Tips on Using the DODAF as the Basis of a Security Architecture


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