Military UAV’s Create Multiple-Mission Opportunities for Industry

This outstanding and virtual and live interactive symposium will provide all attendees invaluable information on the emerging UAS opportunities in the military, commercial and civil markets as well as closely examine current programs and user experiences with UAS. Key issues will be explored over 3 days with Experts from DoD, Government and Industry to discuss:

  • Future UAS DoD & Government emerging opportunities, needs, capabilities and trends
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Technologies and Forecasts
  • Status of FAA Mandates Rules and Regulation on UAS National Airspace System Integration
  • Emerging UAS Service Needs and Initiatives from the Armed Forces
  • UAS for Maritime Surveillance & Customers & Border Patrol Needs & Opportunities
  • Key COCOM UAS Needs, Challenges, and Requirements
  • UAS Weapon Technologies, Initiatives and Tactics
  • UAS Autonomy and Manned/Unmanned Teaming (MUM) break-throughs & Capabilities

TTC welcomes you to immerse yourself within our General Sessions which will prove to be a very valuable investment in your time. Attendees will obtain invaluable information on the emerging opportunities in the Military, Government, Commercial and Civil Markets found nowhere else. Key program offices will examine UAS from first hand experiences and address the Needs, Requirements and Opportunities needed. Key Conference Themes include:

  • Emerging UAS Service needs and new initiatives, requirements and capabilities from DoD & Government
  • UAS Maritime and Border Surveillance Needs, Capabilities and Opportunities
  • Artificial Intelligence applications and Machine Learning emerging capabilities and operational T&E findings
  • Counter UAS emerging capabilities
  • Payloads – Sensors – Manned Unmanned Teaming
  • Cutting-edge UAS Weaponization & Tactics
  • Need to Know FAA Rules & Regulations in the National Airspace
  • Non-traditional aviation threats (NTAT)

TTC Unmanned Aircraft Systems Symposium, Arlington, VA (Sheraton Pentagon City)